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Bitcoin Development Conference

Chinese-Language Shanghai + Online
November 13-14, 2021 | W Shanghai - The Bund

Discover the potential of blockchain technology and learn to unleash the power of data at the BSV DevCon 2021!

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Why You Should Attend

More than just a payments network, BSV is a protocol for a powerful data network - just like the Internet.

Learn how this vision for blockchain technology is being unleashed with BSV, discover how businesses are leveraging its unbounded scaling to create innovative new applications and find out how you can unlock its power - including all the tools and tricks of the trade at BSV DevCon 2021.

Join us, as tech leaders, business executives and blockchain visionaries lead interactive sessions and workshops designed to prepare you for a career at the forefront of blockchain technology.

Who Should Attend

Bitcoin SV Developers

Bitcoin SV Developers

Bitcoin SV DevCon is a great opportunity for developers already working on the Bitcoin SV blockchain to hear the latest developments in the space first-hand from those at the vanguard and learn new skills to apply in a fast-changing sector.

Ethereum Developers

Ethereum Developers

Bitcoin SV offers unbounded scale, powerful tokenisation protocols, as well as developer tools designed to help transition Ethereum-based projects onto the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Join Bitcoin SV DevCon to learn about the different ways that Bitcoin SV solves the inherent limitations of the Ethereum protocol.

Other Blockchain Developers

Other Blockchain Developers

Only the Bitcoin SV blockchain offers a platform with unbounded scaling and data functionalities fit for enterprise use. At Bitcoin SV DevCon, learn how to unlock the true power of your applications with a blockchain that scales.

Non-Blockchain Developers

Non-Blockchain Developers

Want to learn how you can apply your development skills to the blockchain? Bitcoin SV DevCon is the perfect entry point for developers looking to take their first steps building blockchain-based applications, with a pragmatic approach to learning and incorporating existing toolkits and hands-on sessions.

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Discover the power of the BSV blockchain in our Chinese-language DevCon.

Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021

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